Blaguss Buslenker


Our bus drivers

The best and most modern buses don't go anywhere without their drivers. If you order passenger transport by bus from us, our reliable driver will take you to your destination in comfortable conditions, always keeping safety in mind.

The mission

The mission of our bus drivers is to get everyone to their intended destination safely! In addition, our colleague takes care of the cleanliness of the bus, drinks service if required, and keeps you informed of current information (route, schedule, delays, etc.).

Training program

An unforgettable and safe travel experience requires employees with the right expertise and commitment. That is why we organize training programs for our bus drivers:

  • Driving safety education
  • Driving technology courses on forward-looking and fuel-optimized driving

Driving and rest time

For safety reasons, our drivers are subject to very strict rules regarding driving and rest periods: in accordance with the legal requirements (Regulation 561/2006/EC of the European Parliament and the Council), these are strictly controlled. We make sure that you can start your journey with a rested and well-prepared bus driver.